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Essays May 18, 2023


When we think of the greatest British heavy weight boxers of all-time, names like, Mike Tyson and Sugar Ray Robinson often come to mind. These legendary fighters have rightfully earned their place in boxing history. However, behind the spotlight of fame and recognition are numerous exceptional boxers whose stories remain untold and unrecognized. In this article, we delve into the world of boxing to shed light on some of the overlooked boxers of all time, their remarkable achievements, and their impact on the sport.

Jack Johnson – Breaking Barriers:

Jack Johnson, the first African-American heavyweight champion, faced tremendous challenges. Despite the racism and discrimination he endured, Johnson dominated the boxing scene in the early 20th century. His technical skills, defensive prowess, and strategic approach revolutionized the sport. Johnson’s impact on breaking racial barriers in boxing paved the way for future generations of fighters.

Bob Fitzsimmons – The Pioneering Middleweight:

Bob Fitzsimmons, a legendary fighter from the late 19th century, deserves recognition for his contributions to the sport. Known for his powerful punch and innovative techniques, Fitzsimmons became the first three-division world champion, winning titles in the middleweight, light heavyweight, and heavyweight divisions. His legacy as a skilled and versatile fighter set the stage for developing modern-day boxing techniques.

Harry Greb – The Fighting Machine:

Harry Greb, often overshadowed by his contemporaries, was a force to be reckoned with during the 1920s. Despite a lack of punching power, Greb compensated with unparalleled agility, stamina, and relentless aggression. He fought against some of the greatest fighters of his time, defeating many of them. Greb’s unyielding style and refusal to back down solidified his place among the greatest fighters in boxing history.

Ezzard Charles – The Quiet Champion:

Ezzard Charles, known as the “Cincinnati Cobra,” had an impressive career in the 1940s and 1950s. Despite facing formidable opponents such as Joe Louis and Rocky Marciano, Charles rarely received the recognition he deserved. His exceptional skills, including his defence, counterpunching ability, and ring intelligence, earned him the heavyweight championship and a place among boxing’s elite.

Ricardo Lopez – The Undefeated Flyweight King:

A Mexican boxer, Ricardo Lopez dominated the flyweight division throughout the 1990s. Despite his undefeated record and numerous successful title defences, Lopez often flew under the radar of mainstream attention. His technical mastery, exceptional footwork, and ring generalship made him one of the greatest flyweight boxers ever. Lopez’s dedication and discipline to his craft deserve recognition and appreciation.


While the boxing world is filled with legendary figures, it is important to recognize the lesser-known boxers whose contributions to the sport have often been overlooked. Jack Johnson, Bob Fitzsimmons, Harry Greb, Ezzard Charles, Ricardo Lopez, and many others have left indelible marks on boxing through their exceptional skills, trailblazing achievements, and resilience in adversity. By shining a light on these unsung heroes, we honour their legacies and gain a deeper appreciation for the rich history and diversity of boxing. It is time to celebrate these overlooked boxers and give them the recognition they deserve.

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