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Essays August 29, 2022

Writing a literature review can be a challenging task. Luckily, there are some tips to help you create a good review. The first step is to choose your sources. Make sure you read critically and do not take claims at face value. Instead, consider the author’s context, motivations, and interests. Often, your supervisor will suggest several sources you should use for your review. Typically, you should read at least double that number, and try to include references of various types.

I am writing a critical literature review

When writing a critical literature review, it is essential to include notes, critical analysis and references to relevant sources. You should also have each source’s methodological approach and general hypothesis. This will make your literature review more robust and avoid the risk of being merely a list of references.

A critical literature review is an evaluation of current knowledge based on evidence. It should utilise a variety of original peer-reviewed research articles.

Choosing sources

When writing a literature review or wanting to get a literature review writing service, it is important to choose sources carefully. The authorities you choose should be relevant to the topic you are studying. You should include academic journals and useful published works from reputable scholars. When selecting sources for your review, you should also consider the parameters and objectives of your research. This includes how you will conduct your study, whether you will use a qualitative or quantitative approach, and whether you will have a mix of both. Reading the abstracts of the articles you are researching is also a good idea.

It is important to ask yourself whether you agree with the perspective presented in the sources. You should also ask yourself, “Why do I agree with this perspective?” It is important to understand how the seeds were chosen, whether they are chronological, describe the method of research used, or are in general agreement with the topic.

Organising the body

Organising the body of a literature-review dissertation is important for its structure and organisation. This section is the heart of the paper and earns the most marks. As such, it should be organised and logical. It should begin with an introduction and provide a high-level overview of the chapter’s content.

Adding references

You must gather relevant sources from various fields to write or find a dissertation literature review example; you must collect relevant authorities from multiple areas. You should include landmark studies and theories. Many resources can help you write this type of paper. For example, you can download a free literature review template and incorporate it into your document. In addition, you will want to include citations for all sources. Another way to include references is to create an annotated bibliography.


Writing a literature review involves a critical evaluation of previous works. Depending on the topic, the writer may use critical analysis, a comparative approach, or a combination of both to compare and contrast prior studies. It may also involve discussing strengths and weaknesses using categorical and chronological organisation. The review may also examine research on a specific topic and highlight its strengths and weaknesses.


A literature review is a systematic method for connecting different sources on a particular topic or research question. The method is also known as synthesis, creating a cohesive view of the literature related to the subject of study. The literature review is not an annotated bibliography but a summary of the literature related to a topic or research question.

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