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Types of Essay Papers

The two main essay genres that encompass all types of essay

What an essay is

The dissertation is the development of written reflections on a matter, a phenomenon, and a subject given. It requires that ideas are organized and structured in a clear, logical and concise manner to enable the reader to easily understand the subject or to take a position. There are two main types essay: the explanatory essay and argumentative essay. Types of essay papers are continuously redefining themselves after the production and the tradition of an era, following works considered as references. A genre is always connected to a single type. For example, text can be found in the dialogue and description in a novel.

Explanatory essay

Explanatory essay (or descriptive) is where we must treat the subject in an explanatory manner. We must find, display, analyze, demonstrate, report etc, on the subject of the essay here are some questions that the text can answer: What is it? How did that happen? What are the common and divergent points? We will then look for facts and ideas describing, demonstrating, and explaining the subject or phenomenon. It may include origin, its definition, its description, its evolution. Moreover, in the case of scanning a book or author, it is advantageous to learn about the work and the author, his time, social context, the events with which they attached, etc. Finally, if you compare, we will focus on research: the similarities, differences, complementary. Examples of subject are: Describe the evolution of the Quebec education system since the 1950s, Analyze the role of the father in the film by Jean-Claude called Night Zoo, what caused the war between Britain and Ireland.

Dominant narrative texts are like explanatory texts with a difference, in that they are explaining something in a variety of different ways, such as to; tell a story with characters, setting a spatiotemporal, schematic diagram, actantial narrative, or system time of narration. This type of explanatory essay may involve a narrator, storytelling and narrative point of view.

There is also an explanatory essay that is formally set out to simply inform or explain. This may include reports of the facts with precise vocabulary, organized textual logic, an effort of objectivity and neutrality, clearing the author of the reader’s current assessment of him/her. Examples of this type of explanatory essay are such as newspaper article, dictionary, encyclopaedia, (auto) biography, scholarly essay, etc.

Essays can be both informational and narrative (the historical novel, for example). However, if the main function is to tell the story, then that is a dominant narrative text. We are talking about text-dominated narrative, informative, argumentative, etc… , according to the dominant function.

Argumentative essay

Argumentative essays (or critical) outlines the arguments for debate an issue. If we want to give the reader an idea and take a stand, we must process information in order to make a critical statement, to present arguments. The aim is to judge, to criticize, to take advantage, to appreciate, to examine the pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages. Here are some questions that the text can answer: Why? Is this true? Is this possible? We will then look for facts and ideas through: questioning, casting doubt, give a different view, help to clarify the pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages. Examples of subject are: Is it true that working part-time night school student to succeed in their studies? Government policies on environmental protection have a negative impact on job creation. Discuss this assertion.