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Paper topic ideas

Enhance your creativity to come up with better paper topics

Why do you have trouble coming up with topic ideas?

Coming up with paper topic ideas is only difficult for people who have not developed the creative side of their brain. When people hear that statement, they think they have to practice painting or something similar, but this is not the case. The part of our minds that affect creativity affects hundreds of aspects of our lives. The best problem solvers are creative. The best shooters, rally drivers and footballers are creative. Creative people may not seem very smart (sometimes), but when the creative side of their brain kicks in, they appear almost angelic. If you are having trouble coming up with paper topic ideas for your essay or paper, then you are also going to have trouble writing it too, unless you work on your creativity. This article will help you to do just that.

Learning how to be creative

When an idea is in your mind, do not reject at first. On the contrary! Make it grow! Think of all angles. Tell yourself, «This reminds me of what?» Do not limit yourself! By a process of association of ideas, you can produce hundreds of other ideas. This is the process known as breadcrumb brainstorming.

Do not analyze an idea as soon as the idea appears! If you analyze the content of the new idea, you stop the creative process. It may even make it appear ridiculous or irrelevant — cherish your idea. Create associations with others. You will produce hundreds of new ideas. The analysis should be done only at the end of the creative process.

Here are some questions that can help you boost your creativity: How to do better? This makes me think…? What solutions can I find? How can it be productive (or constructive, positive …)? What are the best ways to improve it…? How to improve increase, develop, improve, win…? Never forget that ideas are more powerful than money! A simple idea can be the source of an empire.

3 rules to unleash your creativity

Your creative power comes alive if you apply these three principles:

  1. Relaxation: Faced with a problem, rather than looking to relax. Nervous tension disperses your mental energy. With relaxation you can «see clearly» for yourself. Take the time to analyze all facets of the problem peacefully. Feed your analysis of the items you own. Try to solve the problem in this phase.
  2. Compression psyche. Gather your mental powers with a question that sums up the problem. Compress the spring of your mental activity. Focus only on the issue, with a strong desire to see the mental volition solution reach you. Only think that intensely for 10 minutes.
  3. Release of mental activity: This is the harvest phase. Empty your mind. The vacuum phase mind is conducive to a high creative output. The more you will «disconnect» with the problem, the more ideas you succeed in abundance. Edison would nap when he wanted to solve a difficult problem. Many solutions appeared to him in a dream. Pay attention to mental impressions that appear when you are in a relaxed mood. Don’t analyze more! Instead, accept all impressions, images, associations of ideas, without limit. If you want, «walk / relax» and let your imagination wander during this break. Note systematic ideas (even how absurd they are). Associate them with one another at the end.