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The advanced aspects of writing essays

When writing your essay

Make sure you have an understanding of the proposed essay. You must read and re-read the instructions carefully to avoid the most common mistakes. You will lose marks if you go off topic, or go around repeating the argument infinitely with different words, never to set a serious argument from one of your hot paper topics. Carefully read the deliverables and consider the characteristics that a short essay has in common with the article. They both require the ability to deal with the argument put forward from a thesis that is considered valid, taking into account that the thesis is precisely the interpretation that you want to provide on the chosen topic.


The interpretation is presented and demonstrated by arguments, that is, evidence that they may appear valid and convincing to the reader. For this purpose one can use at least three types of reasoning:

  1. The deductive part of general principles or from premises shared, and through a series of deductions that comes to firm conclusions, supported by physical evidence, and therefore difficult to refute;
  2. Inductive reasoning, however, moves from examination of particular cases to obtain valid laws, universally shared. To this end, it will be well to give the reader numerous examples, high quality;
  3. Analogical reasoning is based on a comparison between two situations: the first known, the second unknown, which is assumed to be similar to that note.


The use of language changes depending on whether you choose to write an essay or article. In the case of the essay, it should be short, and you must learn to use a linguistic register to make sure the text is both rigorous and accurate, because in general the essay is aimed at professionals (specialist journals, school records, etc.).

It should not be mistaken; however, very popular among students, you want to impress the reader with a language artifact, out of style and rhetoric. Clarity, logical rigor and simplicity (not banality) are the qualities most appreciated by readers.

It will be useful, then, to evaluate what could be the term or expression most effective way to enhance a key passage. The newspaper article assumes a beautiful looseness exhibition, the effectiveness of the communication, and a willingness to inform in the most direct and immediate as possible for the reader that is not required to know the subject matter, but has the right to be informed properly on it.

The linguistic register should be so it will be simple but not trivial, nor repetitive nor vulgar. The syntactic structure should be simple too, with short periods that exclude the excess of subordinate clauses, continuous brackets and references.

The reader should be captured, not tormented. It should not continually boast, but it must be however keep in mind at all times, the reader’s expectations. It is very important to carefully examine the documentation of the topic, to create the best results and possibly integrate it with the reader’s knowledge.

You must be also providing supporting evidence in an essay, unlike in an article or newspaper. The essay usually, but not always, is better suited to the wise, because it requires a broader scope and attentive readers and fans. The narrative, however, can be well also commented in a newspaper article.

Similarly, hot paper topics of character historical-political or socio-economic or scientific-technical can be treated in a more relaxed, accurate and rigorous in an essay, but with more brilliance and effectiveness in exhibition an article.