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College Essay Writing Tips

The key to writing an award winning college essay


The development of the short essay is divided in three phases. These are called planning, drafting and proofreading.

Planning involves all the operations you should do before the drafting of the text and it is advisable that this phase does not take more than 30 minutes. The planning phase should involve: reading and analysis of topics; choice of the argument and why, attitudes, inclinations; re-reading and re-analysis of the chosen topic; checking the existence of related sub-topics; highlighting of keywords; reading and analysis of delivery; reading and analysis of documentation; choice of destination (where the essay should go); selecting the position of the text (for, against, indifferent, etc); choice of language register, that is the kind of language related to the form of communication you are using (professional, expert, simple, instructional).


The best college essay writing tips are those that tell you about style and language register. There are two types of language register known as formal and informal.

Formal has a complicated syntax and vocabulary that is very specialized, intended for situations in which experts are situated. There is the read, for scientific and literary texts; bureaucratic, typical of the laws and practices of office; information, for newspapers or magazines, and the list goes on.

Informal however, deals with everyday situations, characterized by simple syntax, short phrases and a generic vocabulary. It is divided into colloquial, for daily communication and writing; bass/base, for dialogues between people in confidence. Your choice of vocabulary should match according to the personal attitude of the reader, but it is important that you use, where necessary, an accurate and specific vocabulary, so as not to give rise to confusion:

Choice of style, which can be hypotactic or paratactic, based on personal attitudes.

For style, hypotactic is important to: check that the sentences are clear; check that the speech is not heavy or cumbersome; transform some complex sentence in simple sentences to vary the style.

For the paratactic style is important to: check that the sentences are not trivial; make some simple sentence in a complex manner to give greater variety; amplification and organization of information.

First processing of the thesis and arguments should be done through four types of reasoning:

Deductive reasoning, from general principles, through deductions, we come to the particular case.

Inductive reasoning — observation of many cases trying to get to the formulation of an answer.

Abductive reasoning is based on the observation of particular cases, such as inductive reasoning, but the observation is on a few cases or clues.

Reasoning analog, is the comparison between a known and an unknown situation that is supposed to be similar to the first.


One of the most important college essay writing tips is to proofread. This is where your entire essay comes together. You must check your work to see if it flows and to see if it makes sense. Check to see where you have contradicted yourself or where you have «gone off message».

You should also check for spelling and grammar mistakes and check to see if your style has not slipped as you have written. For example you may have started your essay with «when one goes to the shop», but in the middle or end you are instead saying, «When you go to the shop».

You also need to check to see if your essay is weighted correctly. For example, if you make bold statement at the beginning, then give a flimsy reason for why such and such is, and then give a large reason for how such and such happened, then the paper is not weighted correctly.