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Basic Essay Writing Tips

The simple guide to writing your essay

Preparatory phase

Basic Essay Writing Tips should always start with telling you to be adequately prepared before you start to write.

Read the topic proposed and begin to focus on the things you know about it. If you are doing an essay for an educational institution, then it will probably revolve around your most recent learning.

Read the delivery and carefully examine the documentation provided. Read, re-read and highlight text and phrases that you think are important or particularly significant. Select from among those proposed, the necessary documents to research your work and possibly pencil down other texts, such as known foreign authors to contribute to an expansion of the essay. You can also research if the essay allows, a connection with the theater and / or film (short examples are effective).

You need to find out or decide upon which destination you want to drive your essay towards. This starts by deciding what type of essay you are going to write, such as a trade publication, school essay, research paper, cultural exhibition, cultural page of a newspaper, etc.

Based on the recipient indicated (reader), choose the language style, such as elaborated in the case of a specialized journal or in a simple and colloquial style, if it is intended for an audience of non-experts.

Developing a plan is essential. Focus on four or five topics to be developed, without excess to avoid losses and delays.


Basic essay writing tips should also address the delivery of your work.

Develop different points of your plan and try to discuss them one at a time in a way that flows.

Organize the different parts of the work. It would be useful to divide them into sections, each with its own title, so that between the one and the other section of the essay, there is continuity. However, if each paragraph assumes a net change of topic, then you must say this explicitly, preferably from the beginning.

For the essay, you should choose the argument or thesis. This also counts for the argumentative essay, because its precise function, unlike what happens with the newspaper article (text information), is to present an argument, express on it one’s own ideas and support them with adequate documentation and with a speech consistently which shows clearly the validity.

Wrapping up

Write, keeping within the restraints of your leading documentation, research and proposed thesis/arguments. Quotes may be used whole or in part depending on the things you want to say and the message you want to convey to the recipient.

At this stage do not worry about choosing between one sentence and the other, you should instead, express what you mean and then fix the way it «reads» later. When you have finished your first draft you need to go through it and see if your ideas flow naturally and if the essay is easy to read.

You must then proofread the essay and check to avoid the repetition of words and concepts; eliminate spelling errors; correct punctuation; monitor the syntactic structure of the periods.

Break up long periods of time; eliminate redundant expressions, too many superlatives, statements that do not say anything. These are often words such as «maybe»,»often», and «also». For example if you wanted to lower your word count, then you can do this by nipping out unneeded words. For example in my sentence, «These are often words such as», this can be shortened to «These words are:»

This reading should be very careful. We must learn to be critical, if not strict. At this point one can choose the most suitable title that can be derived from the direction of the essay you have just written.